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Monday, June 28, 2004

Sunday night rides are fun 

Out with Stanny tonight, did the same route as with Craig last Wednesday, even more enjoyable because it was dry :-) Finished off with a descent down Blue Pig, which as usual was top, if a little out of control / on the egde. Mental note, must get a disk brake for the front if i want to stop while descending.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

The Droid returns to Calderdale 

A Wednesday night ride this time due to other chaps doing SSMM and other commitments.
We left my place and rode all the way up Cross Stone Road, feckin killed me, but Craig span his way up nicely. Along to Dukes cut which was really wet, the weather by the way was shit, heavy drizzle and a stiff wind. Down from Dukes Cut on what I think is called 'BMX Bandits trail'. Along to Egypt and then to Ripper Dipper, location to be keep secret. We ended with a nice ride down Alis Zig Zags and back on road to tod. Was good to see the Droid back in action and i'm sure it wont be long before he is kicking ass again. Enjoyed it very much, even if it was very wet and muddy.

Friday, June 18, 2004

Much dryness, apart from Ali's Zig Zags! 

Thursday night is here again, but not with the regulars. They all had various reasons for not riding tonight but a few newbies came along.
We had Bolt and mate from Blackburn, Ormondroyd from Reading, and Robin from Heptonstall plus regular Chris from Bolton. With me and Kelvin being the only local lads. Oh and Stanny of course!!!
Just one of the usual rides, up Jack bridge, Ben's pointless bit, Ali's zig zags, bastard tarmac climb, Blue Pig then up Keighley Rd just to do Peckett Well A. The two descents where fantastic, nice, dry and fast! Then to bolty's step and riverside back to Hebden. A couple of pints in the stubbing and that was that. Another good ride! The newbies seemed to enjoy it and the beers in the pub too :-)

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Short and Sweet!!! 

Not too much to say about this Thursday night ride, apart from; i cleaned Horsehold for the first time on my SS, hurrah! the beer in the Stubbing was fantastic, lemon and ginger, mmmm and Stanny pulled an old bird who liked the beer too, she liked it so much she licked it off his arm, eeewwww!! The only downer was that it was the last night of the current owners in the Stubbing :( Thanks very much for all the great beer you have provided!!!

Monday, June 07, 2004

Exploration rules!! 

After Thursday nights wet ride, I felt the need for a nice evening ride after the glorious day on Sunday. A phone call to Stanny was in order and it was arranged.
We did and old favorite of ours from Tod, not setting off till nearly 8pm but we would still have enough light to do the ride. We went up to Lumbutts and along London Road all the way to Chipps' birthday present. First time down here for a while and the tree cover and bluebells made it seem a completely different place. The track has grown over lots and needs riding more!!! Half way down the descent is another track which which has always intrigued me. Exploration time, wow, wat a great find. Another woodland trail which will be an excellent alternative descent to Chipps' b'day pressie. I think we will name it 'Conkers Deep' Stanny was in the mood for more suffering so we decided to do Jack Bridge. We both set off up together but once we started the steeper bit stanny used his gears to excellent effect and twiddled his way up where as I pushed like hell on my SS, but I was feeling great! Once at the top we climbed up the road to Blackshaw Head, around to Great Rock, down long drag toward Cross Stone but we decided to do Rodwell B again, oh such fun!! I was on fire down the descent it was fantastic!!! Then a gentle run back into Tod on the canal. Sweeetttt!!

Friday, June 04, 2004

What happened to Summer? 

The regular Thursday night ride. The plan was to start at the Stubbing in Hebden, and finish at the Staff in Tod. We rode down to Hebden expecting Felix to be there and maybe someone else, but on our arrival just one guy, think his name was Chris, he was riding his retro Kona SS for the first time. Off we went up Jack Bridge as usual, Dave was struggling a bit after his day riding the 'Big Thrash' but eventually everybody got to the top. Then we went over to the top road via the farm track and sketchy 'vague trail'. We did a short road stretch upto the top of Eastwood rd then dropped down towards Whirlaw Commom. We rode along the common to Orchan rocks then around to the radio mast and dropped down to the Staff on the cheeky trail. It was rather wet and the trees where extremely low because of all the leaves and rain, nearly decapitated myself several times. Was gonna go in the Staff for a swifty but i made the last minute decision not to, just went home and got cleaned up and chilled out for a bit before bed. Great ride, but i want summer back now!!!

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