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Friday, May 28, 2004

More new trails!! 

Thursday night seems to come round very quickly, not that I am complaining mind. It was back to the old fave The Stubbing, after our late arrival at nearly 8, we met Jon and proceeded to head straight up Keighley Rd, not just upto Pecket Well but right up on to the top, jesus, feckin killed me!! Once on the top we headed up on to the moor, and the trails were fantastic!! Lovely twisting rutted single track made for exciting riding while trying to keep up with Benji. The new Bombers began to shine as Stu couldn't keep up, the trails seemed sooo much easier to ride. We did a loop around the moor and ended up dropping back to Pecket Well and to the top of Pecket Well B. Pecked Well B was fantastic as usual, if a little dark, use the force time. Managed to clean the whole run even the drop off which didn't seem as bad as normal. Then onto Bolty's steps, where a few of the guys rode them, but I seem to have lost my bottle. Must get a seat post QR then I can attempt the steps without having a seat in my guts while hanging off the back. A nice run back to hebden down the riverside, followed by a school boy error from Stu, mental note, dont try and wheelie while using SPD's, it hurts when u go over backwards thanks for reminding me Stu. Then back to the Stubbing but no beers for me, had to shoot straight home :-( Top ride!!

Monday, May 24, 2004

More commuting, getting boring 

Shit headwind today, lost 5 mins on my time, feel fuuucked after yesterdays ride too. Maybe delay my ride home till later this week, see how i feel, 1hr 12mins :(

Sunday, May 23, 2004

Sheep rescue!! 

While we were out today we accompished a small rescue mission on some of the local livestock. A small lamb while running away from stanny jumped into a 2 foot deep water filled gully about 8 inches wide and was stuck, so we though we better get it out. On returning to the gully there was already a larger sheep stuck in there too! So Scott and Stanny got the biggy out and i haul the lamb out by its neck. Both trotted off bleating happily. Mint Sauce would be proud of us!! We had good karma for the rest of the ride.

Bombers are ACE!!! 

Well after my first ride on the bombers today, i realise what i have been missing, they are fecking brilliant!!! none of this arm fatigue on long descents, just nice plush ride over or through everything. Need to pick my lines, its just so tempting to crash through everything but need to think i am still on rigids and pick the smooth line and be even faster!!!

Saturday, May 22, 2004

'Bombers' are go! 

Picked my new bombers up today, well second hand actually but new to me. In remarkably good condition. Got em slapped on the bike with no major probs, bike feels very different now, will have to wait till i got out tommorrow to see what this suspension lark is all about.

Friday, May 21, 2004

New Trails Rock Dude!! 

Thursday nights come round sooo quick, not that I am complaining like. A cheeky ride was planned from the Staff of Life, with Dave A doing so reconnaissance work the night before, such commitment to the cheek!! well done Dave.
A steady start to the ride with a nice mile or so road ride, then an absolute fucker of a climb (Alberts). Even the mighty power of the Kershaw legs couldn't propel the SS up here, and I would take my hat off to anybody that did do it on an SS. Once up on the to it was a steady trail to sharney ford (Shagger's as stanny called it)the on to Flower Scar Rd (Sandy Road). Then it was technical singletrack heaven or hell which ever way you want to look at it. This led us on one of the best descents I have ever done around Tod, the grin facter was a definate 10/10, the trail has been named (Three pigs trotting). It even has a bit of 'shore'!! It rocks dude!
This brought us back to the Staff, so in we when for a few jars!! A cracking night finished off with good company and TT Landlord x 4!!

Monday, May 17, 2004

Back to commuting 

Decide to commute in to work again today, very nice ride but feeling a bit knackered now. Was going to do the return journey today, but i have changed my mind. I'll leave it till tommorrow i think. Anyway, happy with my time 1:07:33, my fastest yet :-)

Saturday, May 15, 2004

More Fun and light nights 

After last nights excellent ride, I received and email from Stanny telling me he was going out again (fri night)! What should I do?? silly question, go of course.
We did and old favorite of ours from Tod, not setting off till 8pm so we would get to ride at dusk , which is cool. We went up to Lumbutts and along London Road all the way to Chipps' birthday present. first time down here for a while and the tree cover and bluebells made it seem a completely different place. Stanny was in the mood for more suffering so we decided to do Jack Bridge. We both set off up together but once we started the steeper bit stanny used his gears to excellent effect and twiddled his way up where as I pushed like hell on my SS, but I was feeling great! Once at the top we climbed up the road to blackshaw head, around to great rock, down long drag toward Cross Stone but we decided to do Rodwell B again, oh such fun!! Then a gentle run back into Tod on the canal. Some much fun in 1hr and 45mins, brilliant!!!

Friday, May 14, 2004

Fun Fun Fun!!! 

Time for the usual Thursday night ride, but this weeks flavour was Tod, from Singletrack HQ. Upon arriving Felix was there looking remarkably fresh considering he had done a 50 mile commute to leeds already, and Alec turned up on his road bike after commuting too, wat is all this commuting lark?? i may ever do it myself one day ;-) Anyway Alec had the prize bike of the night, a specialized 'Big Hit' with 8 inches travel each end!!! not exactly designed for going up but Alec was prepared to go slowly up but quickly down. Kelvin arrived but then made a quick visit to the Muse and return with some hot choc fudge cake, god it smelt good!
Well left at 8 and the route was as follows :- Quick circuit round Tod park (such fun!) then up through Robinwood towards Whirlaw, along whirlaw (where Stanny deflated an already dead rabbit, eewww) and across to the Golf club. From here we decide to do the great little descent Rodwell B, Fantastic! Alec descended like a rocket and as i met him at the bottom, he had the biggest grin ever. Everone was loving the ride, so we decide to do more. Up woohouse house road and down ollies drop (through the only shore section in tod (a 4 inch plank over a gulley ;-)) then up to the shepards rest and down hunny hole bringing us out within 100 yds of STW HQ. Wat a fun 2hr ride and just time for a couple of beers in the Muse. The first ride of summer it was great!! lights nights rule.

Friday, May 07, 2004

Ali's farewell ride 

A sad event but a very enjoyable!! The weather was fantastic with lots of evening sun. Route as follows:- jack bridge (again), bens pointless bit, ali's zig zags, b@stard tarmac, blue pig, bolty's steps and riverside. A relatively uneventful ride apart from stanny's gears throwing the chain into the spokes and his fabulous uphill crash!! We had a guest rider again this week, no less than Paul Turner (Mr Maverick), riding, surprise surprise, a ML-7 with the big forks on and a front disk rotor the size of a bmx wheel!! The bike looked to be such fun to ride making the blue pig decent a doddle. But its not keepin it real like us rigid ss boys ;-)
Farewell to Ali and we wish you and Sue all the best in bonnie Scotland, i'm sure there are lots of cheeky trail to be had around your new home :-)

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