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Friday, April 23, 2004

The Blue Pig bites back! 

Another good thursday night ride was had, only spoilt by my slow over the bars spill on the blue pig descent. I blame it on Stanny ;-) he was going to slow and we all bunched up on the brakes and bingo, Tim hits a small rock type step while on the front brake and over we go!! Quite comical really cause i couldn't get the bloody bike off me. No damage seemed to occur to the bike but i did manage to snap the handle bar mount for my lupine nightmare ;-) so had to ride the rest of the descent very cautiously by wat daylight we had left, not much. Finished the night with a pint of the aptly named beer 'Nightmare' and some 'Landlord' too. Yummy

PS Well done Tom for riding the whole length of Bolty's step, respect!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Wash out commute 

Did the return leg of my commute from manchester yesterday evening. The weather was terrible, absolutly p!ssing down. It took me 1hr 20 mins which is 8 mins longer than the inbound journey but it is more uphill and the traffic was shite too. Legs feel a bit tired today but looking forward to the night ride from the stubbing :-)

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Cor Blimey, commuting!! 

Did my first commute to Manchester today on the road bike. 22 miles in 1hr 12mins, which i am very happy with. Weather was perfect, no wind and dry too. I think the journey home will be a little more challenging as it is more uphill :-( I've decided to split the journey over two days cause i'm a chicken and aint fit enough yet to do it both ways in one day. Hoping if i can do this commute once a week my fitness should increase nicely, and then i can challenge Benji up the climbs, well maybe anyway. I'm off to recover now, and maybe do some work.

Friday, April 16, 2004

Slippery Pig 

Another good Thursday night ride, but Dave's bike let him down and him and Sharon had to return to the pub early, i recon he removed his crack bolt on purpose so he could get to the pub cause it was raining!!!
Simple route, up jack bridge, along MTL to colden the down to Heptonstall, Blue Pig descent, which was very slippery after the heavy rain. Bolty's steps and riverside into Hebden, then back to pub. Feeling a bit ropey today, maybe a cold coming on :-( bugger.

Monday, April 12, 2004


Went on a cracking ride today with the boy Stanny. Left tod and climbed up Cross Stone past the golf course to the top road, then along Dukes Cut and across to Gorple Res. Then to Widdop Res and along Gorple Gate, which is a cracking ascent and descent, if a little rocky on the rigid, down to Hurstwood Res. A nice steady climb up to the windmills followed by a short road ride to shore and the cheeky descent down to the 'Staff of Life'. A top ride, bout 20 - 25 miles, quite a long one for myself, need to do more of these to build my stamina up. The Inbred performed faultlessly as usual!! :-) Looking forward to ther a ride on Thursday night now, yippee, bring on the riding!!!

Friday, April 09, 2004

Rigid rocks, keepin it real etc.... 

The thursday night ride was another cracking ride, not overly long but great trails with some top cheek too. Managed to keep up with Ben on the first steep climb, but then got stuck behind Jim on the climb up the packhorse trail and Ben got away from me, thats my excuse anyway ;-) On the packhorse trail descent i managed to keep with the sus boys just about but the bike and my arms took a real beating, but it was fun. The cheeky trail along the side of the canal was upto scratch as usual, with the 'diesel' boys steaming along it. Conti diesels rock dude! Even rode the rooty hip type thing and managed to catch up to Jim with Ben right on my tail. A nice steady ride back up the canal to 'The Muse', where i drank erdinger, mmmm and stanny got wankered on some 8% stuff, he wat well pi**ed riding home. Another good night ride, i look forward to next weeks already!!

Thursday, April 08, 2004

Nowt much doing 

Nothing much to report really, just did a bit of tinkering with the bike last night in preperation for tonights ride. Hoping weather is gonna be fine, but it will still be very wet after the amount of rain we have had recently. Anyway, i suppose i best do some work before the bank holiday weekend :-)

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

"Here we go!" 

Well, first post on my new blog, so here goes.
Finally got my new battery through from multicell, completed the wiring last night and hopefully it is now charging and aint going to explode like the last one! Inserted a inline fuse to try and stop it going bang again and save me £47.
Sounds like the boys are planning the usual Thursday night ride, hopefully I shall be attending. Looking forwand to seeing Ben's new Redline and maybe challenge him on some of the descents but he now has sus forks on so he does have an advantage, but what the hell, you gotta try. And looking forward to a couple of jars of beer too ;-)

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